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The perfect all-round activity; get fitter, shed fat, relieve stress and improve your self-defense.

Take up kickboxing, get the adrenaline pumping and relieve yourself of the tense stress of office life with some powerful combos! An incredibly satisfying sport to make technical gains in whilst being a complete, full-body exercise

Note: Our trainers will provide punch & kickpads. Handwraps & gloves are provided for the first 5 sessions, after which the Client is expected to purchase their own

  • Disciplines
  • Whether you’re looking to smash pads at a high intensity to increase your fitness or get a kick out of dedicating time to improving the finer points of your technique, our coaches will tailor your sessions according to your goals.
    Compulsory equipment: None
    Preferred equipment: Own Gloves and wrapping, Punching Bag

  • Learn to apply your padwork techniques to real-life situations, with influences from other martial arts. You’ll get a good workout and feel more confident on the streets.
    Compulsory equipment: None
    Preferred equipment: Own Gloves and wrapping, Punching Bags

  • For experienced boxers or kickboxers looking to get into sparring or refine their fight technique. The coach’s credentials should show you whether they’re suited to preparing you for an amateur white-collar boxing tournament or to step into the ring at the next regional professional championship.
    Compulsory equipment: Consult with Coach
    Preferred equipment: Consult with Coach


Discover this ancient art based on a harmonising system for development of not just the body but your mind and spirit. Start practicing today and have our yoga instructors lead you to peace of mind, as you realise physical benefits of yoga such as coordination and flexibility, as well as improvements to the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems.

  • Disciplines
  • The ideal way to start a day, this mellow form of yoga focuses on simple poses that flow from one to the other at a very comfortable pace. Recommended for individuals who are new to Yoga. Book an expert today and start discovering the benefits of controlled breathing and increased flexibility.

  • A slower and more individualized form of yoga. This form develops strength, balance and healing, making it a great all-round yoga experience, seniors, individuals with chronic pain or who are in rehabilitation from injury or disease.

  • Ashtanga is the preferred choice of yoga for athletes or individuals looking to shake up their training regime. Light on meditation but heavy on developing strength and stamina, it is physically the toughest for of Yoga. Take up A and learn to move quickly from one pose to another in an effort to build strength and flexibility.

Personal Training

Building muscle, losing weight or just increasing flexibility are all complex processes which require incredible hardwork, motivation and determination to persevere with. This effort is often wasted however, with most people attempting to reach their goals without professional assistance. Our personal trainers are here to assess your needs, devise you a personal exercise plan and advise you on nutrition to ensure your training maximises your results.

  • Disciplines
  • This is recommended if you are looking to increase your muscle mass muscle through weight training. Your personal trainer will not only assess your needs and what types of exercise your body responds best to, but will adapt your training program according to the facilities you have available.
    Compulsory equipment: Condo/resident/community Gym with basic weights such as dumbells and a bench.
    Preferred equipment: A barbell, barbell rack adjustable for height or a squat rack, smith machine

  • Has your doctor told you that your health is that of someone older than you are, or recommended you deal with your resting heart rate and lung capacity? This personal training is for you if you are looking to improve your overall health, cardiovascular fitness and energy levels. We also recommended this for individuals suffering with other health problems or illness such as heart condition, high cholesterol and obesity.
    Compulsory equipment: None
    Preferred equipment: Condo/resident/community Gym

  • Discover fitness through a dynamic program where our personal trainers will ensure you improve your overall posture, joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Vital for those returning from injury, and particularly important if you’ve just completed.