Frequently Asked Questions

We’re aware that JOOMPA isn’t just a basic listings platform and you may have questions regarding how it all works. Hopefully you’ll find your answers in the topics below – if not, drop us a mail using the Contact Us page!


JOOMPA is an iOS platform for instantly sourcing coaches, instructors & personal trainers. From the Bahasa Melayu word Jumpa, meaning “to find”.
How Does JOOMPA Work?
Our professionals tell the platform where and when they are available and it matches you to them, based on the particulars of the session you’d like to have. If you’ve got any queries regarding the session creation interface, see the guide below.
Where Can I Use JOOMPA?
Currently JOOMPA is available in Malaysia:
  • Mont Kiara
  • Sri Hartamas
  • Damansara Heights
  • Bangsar
  • Sentral
  • Midvalley
  • Downtown KL
If you’re not located in these areas, don’t worry! We’re constantly expanding and recommend you subscribe to our mailer to ensure you’re notified when we launch in your area.
How Do I Join JOOMPA?
If you have an Apple device, click the link below to download JOOMPA from the Appstore and you’re in! Please note that you need to be 18 years old.

If you’re looking to join us as a coach, click here to go to our registration page and arrange an interview! Even if the activity you coach hasn’t been launched yet, you can get ahead of the game by pre-registering to be sure that you’re on board and notified as soon as your activity is put to market.


How Do I Pay For My JOOMPA Serssions?
You will be prompted to pay upon confirmation of your session booking. Payment is carried out through the platform, by debit / credit card only.
How Much Does It Cost?
It costs nothing to join Joompa, and each session booked varies in cost based on the rates that the coach has specified. In general, it should be in line with their ratings, years experience, certification & professional achievements.

Increasing the length of the session and the number of attendees are factors customisable to you that will increase the cost of the session based on the coach’s hourly rate and their additional student policy respectively.
You can purchase a package of 1, 5 or 10 sessions – the larger the package, the bigger the discount!
How Do I Rearrange / Cancel My Session?
On your profile page you will find your relationships with all coaches you’ve previously worked with. Select the coach taking the session you wish to deal with and you will then be able to select the relevant session. Here is where you may amend the session particulars or cancel the session.
What Do I Pay For Cancellations?
Every coach sets their own cancellation policy, that can be viewed as a drop-down on their profile. They specify what percentage of your session fee is charged when you cancel >24hrs, >12hrs and >2hrs before your session. If you are charged for a session cancellation you just need to top up your payment when you go to re-book your session.

Eg. If your coach charges Rm100 per session and has a 50% cancellation fee, when you cancel your session your credit value will only remain at Rm50. When you go to re-book your session you will need to top this up by Rm50 in order to complete the booking.
Are My In-App Payments Safe?
You can make payments through the app with confidence that it meets the relevant payment regulations and security protocols. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.
How Do I Split Or Share Payment Of A Session?
Whilst you can specify training with friends, we don’t yet have the facility for fee-splitting within the app. You will need to over their cost initially when you make in-app payment and collect cash from them separately. Stay tuned though – this is in the works!


What Happens If I'm Late For My Session?
We recommend being ready (and often getting warmed up if you want to make the most of your time with your coach) a good 15 minutes before your session is due to commence.

It is at the coach’s discretion whether they allow your session to overrun, but this will not be possible if they have a back-to-back booking through the app. Please be considerate of your coaches professional duty to be on time for their sessions with other Clients and don’t pressure them into compromising this.
How Do I Set Session Reminders For Myself?
No need – the app does this for you! You’ll receive a push notification 24hrs before your session is due to commence and a second one 2hrs beforehand.
What Qualifications Do Coaches On JOOMPA Have?
Our coaches have a wide variety of qualifications that, along with their professional achievements and experience, will allow you to assess their suitability for your ability level and goals.
How Do You Screen Coaches?
All coaches go through an ID check, in-person interview, qualification verification & reference check.
How Do I Become A Coach On JOOMPA?
We’re always looking to grow our talent pool with the right individuals. Please onboard yourself through the registration section on the link here and we will be in touch to progress things towards you being listed on our app!


Do I Need To Bring Any Equipment?
Of course! But it should be minimal and dependent upon the type of activity you’re doing:
Kickboxing (Kickpads provided by your JOOMPA Coach)
  • 1 set handwraps & gloves are provided for a beginner doing their first session, even if it is done in a group. After 5 sessions you are expected to use your own.
  • Competitive / Sparring students to provide their own necessary protective gear.
  • All equipment / facilities are required to be provided by yourself as the Client. Your PT will work within the limitations of what is provided.
  • Bring Weighlifting gloves (if necessary)
Yoga (Please check the facility listing details to see whether mats are provided)
  • 1 mat provided for a train-at-home beginner doing their first session, even if it is done in a group. After 5 sessions you are expected to use your own.
Do I need to bring any equipment to my session?
This varies, check out our sports page here to see what it required for each activity.
Can I Train If I Am Injured Or Hurt?
Of course! Well, most of the time. It goes without saying that you can’t play tennis with a broken swinging arm, or kickbox in a cast, but if it’s only a small issue then provided you are able to walk supporting your own weight, there is always an activity in our roster you can do to stay active and keep fit! Our JOOMPA coaches take no responsibility or liability for injuries you may pick up or worsen during activities with us – as with all sports you train at your own risk. To give yourself the best chance of a swift recovery and reduced risk of re-injury, we’d usually recommend that you train with a JOOMPA Personal Trainer who specialises in injury management.
How Can I Contact My Trainer?
2 hours before your session is due to commence you’ll be sent your coach’s phone number in case you need to carry out any communications with them. You can text them to let them know what to tell the guards when they arrive at your condominium, or specific directions for getting to the area you’d like to train.
What Happens If The Weather Becomes Really Bad Just Before Or During My Session?
For personal training, kickboxing & yoga we recommend organising the session so that it’s either indoors or there is an easily available indoors option.

For tennis, even mild rain will result in your trainer cancelling & reimbursing your session.

For swimming, heavy rain and / or lighting will result in your trainer cancelling & reimbursing your session.

If the rain is very heavy before your session please bear in mind that the majority of our coaches use motorcycles for transport and won’t be able to get to your session. In such an instance, your coach will call you to explain and rearrange the session.